Monthly Archive: March 2011


Anarchy in the UK

Those were the headlines yesterday after I returned from my little solo site-seeing trip to central London. I missed the violent parts of the demonstration, but did see quite a few protestors on my route. More on that later. My original plan was to start back at Trafalgar Square where Kevin and I had previously visited on our double-decker bus ride.  I wanted to go back because the 2012 Olympic countdown clock is now on display.   I arrived before there were many people in the square, most didn’t arrive until the National Gallery opened at 10. In the meantime...


Regents Park and Primrose Hill

We’ve been enjoying unseasonably warm weather this week, so yesterday Dad and the boys headed out to enjoy the outside and explore a bit. I’ve already learned that the hardest part of any outing with "the men" is getting out the door. Double jogger down the stairs, check.  Snacks and lunch, check! Sippy cups, check!, "Kevin have you used the bathroom before we go?", check. Change Ryan’s diaper, check. Diaper bag, check. Shoes, jackets, sand toys, keys, phone, camera, check…..were finally ready. Today, we ran down the hill to Regent’s Park to check out a new playground that the boys...


Kitchen Fun

We have a large great room in our London Flat, but recently the kitchen seems to be the place to play. Below are the two newest games.   First, let’s run back and forth between the refrigerator and the laundry door and slap them as hard as we can while screaming.  Great while Mom and Dad try to get dinner ready 🙂   Next, if you really need to spend some time working in the kitchen, just put the boys up at the sink and let them play with water. HOURS of fun!