Double-decker bus ride

Kevin has been asking to ride a red double-decker bus ever since he first spotted one.  This past Sunday, Kevin and Dad decided to go on a little adventure and ride a double-decker bus into central London.

After breakfast, we bundled up because it was another cold day. We grabbed plenty of snacks and Dad’s Oyster card. The transportation pass is good on both the tube and on buses.  We left Mom and Ryan at home and marched down the hill to Finchley road to catch the bus.

We didn’t wait more than a minute at the bus stop before a double-decker pulled up and we were lucky enough to score front seats on the top of the bus (see Kevin above).


Dad had his iPhone with him and had his London Bus iPhone app so we could track where we were going. In about 30 minutes we had gone from Hampstead, past Regents Park and then wound our way through Regents St to Trafalgar Square.  (above is the view of Regents St. from our bus).


As soon as we stepped off the bus we felt the cold and wind. Kevin’s first comment was “Can we have a snack?”. (above left, Kevin is snacking in front of a BIG door). Kevin’s next comment “Can we go somewhere warm, sit down and have another snack”.  So we walked up the steps in Trafalgar Square and went into the National Gallery. I told Kevin that it would be warm and that he could sit down but that they probably wouldn’t let him snack in there.  After a series of predictable “Why?” questions “Why can’t I snack in here?” “Why don’t they let people eat in here?” “Why would people make a mess” etc.. I convinced him to walk through two rooms of Cezanne paintings before we exited and snacked on the steps of the National Gallery (above right).

After freezing in Trafalgar Square, we headed two blocks away to the Charing Cross tube station. Next to the steps down to the station we saw four red telephone booths. They actually have quite a history, but these days seem to be primarily tourist attractions :-)  Kevin ducked out of the cold wind and Dad broke out the camera 🙂

Afterward we jumped on the tube and rode the Northern Line all the way back to Hampstead. Kevin is becoming quite a seasoned tube rider. He really loves riding the super tall escalators down to the trains. He also really likes feeling the wind when the trains come into the station.

All through our trip he was a real trooper. Finally during the 10 minute hilly walk back to our flat from the Hampstead tube he started to get tired.  I could tell he was ready for a good nap. Dad too!!

I look forward to more Kevin/Dad adventures. He’s fun to have along on these adventures.

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  1. Jimmy Dworkin says:

    Nice Pics Dave. It looks like you and the family are adjusting well to the English way of life. Are you preparing for the big royal wedding? I am sure you’re very excited.