Regents Park and Primrose Hill

We’ve been enjoying unseasonably warm weather this week, so yesterday Dad and the boys headed out to enjoy the outside and explore a bit.

I’ve already learned that the hardest part of any outing with "the men" is getting out the door. Double jogger down the stairs, check.  Snacks and lunch, check! Sippy cups, check!, "Kevin have you used the bathroom before we go?", check. Change Ryan’s diaper, check. Diaper bag, check. Shoes, jackets, sand toys, keys, phone, camera, check…..were finally ready.

Today, we ran down the hill to Regent’s Park to check out a new playground that the boys nanny has been talking about.  Dad did a quick google search and found Hanover Gate Playground and off we went.

View Primrose Hill Playground in a larger map


Dad pushed the boys 2.5 miles to the playground, stopping along the way to take a picture of Regent’s Canal which has become one of my favorite running paths.

We arrived at the playground only to find a sign on the gate saying it was closed for 3 more weeks for maintenance and renovation.  Dad asked a few people if there were any other playgrounds close by because the troops were getting restless by this point.  Finally someone told us about Primrose Hill Playground and pointed in the general direction.
On the way through Regents Park towards Primrose Hill we stopped for a quick climb on some cool wood carvings.

After passing by the London Zoo we went across the street to Primrose Hill Park and found the playground.  There were lots of kids out since this was the nicest weather day we have seen so far since being in London.  Kevin and Ryan spent over an hour playing in the sand,  swinging,  going down slides and climbing on a giant rope structure. 


Finally it was time for lunch!


After lunch we headed home for a nap (including Dad!)  We took a new route home through Primrose Hill Park, stopping to climb on a log and to take in the view from the top of Primrose Hill.  Ryan refused to cooperate for the group photo but I’m still glad we got one 🙂

Then it was Dad’s turn to do all the work as "we" ran back uphill 2 miles to our flat.  The boys fell asleep about 10 minutes out but transferred easily into bed when we got home.  Another successful outing!!


Here is a little video that sums up our day fun at the park!

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