Monthly Archive: April 2011


Brighton birthday road trip

For my Dad’s birthday, Mom suggested the family take a day trip to Brighton to check it out. All I heard was “there’s a beach”.  Dad went and picked up City Car after breakfast and after getting the car seats, snacks, double jogger and sand toys into the car we were off to Brighton. At least it seemed like it should be that easy, but I was listening from the back seat and kept hearing things like “Gosh darnit, that’s a one way street” or “Are you kidding me, no left turn!”  Neither of those sounded good. It turns out...


Sunny Scotland

Who knew that if you wanted to get warm in April, you head to Scotland!? A couple months ago, we decided to take a trip to Scotland and figured we’d be wet and cold. To our surprise and delight, we never saw a drop of rain until the train ride home.  We had t-shirt weather every day! Day 1 On Wednesday morning, a car picked us up at 8am and took us to a nearby train station. We caught a 9am train headed to Edinburgh. It was nearly empty, which was great for the kids – they got to try...


Baby Ryan

Baby Ryan is what the whole family still calls him, but he is growing up fast. He’s hardly a baby anymore. He just turned 1 1/2 years old this week so I decided to put together a little video showing how much he’s changed in the last year and a half.   Keeping with the tradition, here is an 18 month comparison picture. I’m not sure they look that much alike, but they definitely are brothers and Dad is definitely 2 years older!