Brighton birthday road trip

For my Dad’s birthday, Mom suggested the family take a day trip to Brighton to check it out. All I heard was “there’s a beach”. 

Dad went and picked up City Car after breakfast and after getting the car seats, snacks, double jogger and sand toys into the car we were off to Brighton. At least it seemed like it should be that easy, but I was listening from the back seat and kept hearing things like “Gosh darnit, that’s a one way street” or “Are you kidding me, no left turn!”  Neither of those sounded good. It turns out Mom and Dad were trying to take a shortcut through the city to get there faster and that didn’t seem to be working out well.

Finally, we hit the highway and were on our way. I spent most of the trip reading my “Roaring Rockets” book. I’ve only had it for a week but I already have all the words memorized, so now I can read it myself!

Once we arrived in Brighton I said “let’s go play in the sand”. That’s when I learned the harsh reality that the beach was made of rocks.  No worries, once we got to the beach, I made the best of it and proceeded to start throwing as many rocks into the English Channel as I could.  My little brother, affectionately known as “Baby Ryan” didn’t want to be left out, so he tries to throw rocks as well.  He wasn’t nearly as good as me.

After a little time on the beach, we walked down the boardwalk toward the pier. On the way Ryan and I spotted a small merry-go-round and both asked if we could get on. I drove a cool double-decker bus and my brother sat in the back of Thomas the Train (I guess he’s not old enough to drive the train yet.)


After the merry-go-round, we continued our stroll down the boardwalk. The next thing I saw were these kids jumping on a trampoline and hooked to some ropes. I asked my Mom if I could do it. She said if I was big enough that it was OK. Dad took me down and asked and they said that I was. Mom says people aren’t sue-happy in London, so no one cares about safety.  It was very cool!  I went really high and was hooked up to this big harness, just like the astronauts use to do their weightless training.

We finally made it to the pier and it was lunch time.  Dad took a picture from the pier (below).  We had fish and chips for lunch….Dad decided to try some local seafood for lunch and had some crazy things called cockles and whelks. He said they were OK, but not something he was planning on eating often.

Nothing goes better with fish and chips than a big ice cream cone for dessert. At least somehow I convinced Mom and Dad that was the case. I REALLY enjoyed my ice cream cone on the Brighton Pier.

After lunch we went to the Brighton Aquarium. It was really fun, lots of fish tanks with eels, sting rays, sharks, and turtles. Baby Ryan and I had a great time looking at all the displays.

Finally it was time to leave the aquarium. Ryan was really tired, so while he and Mom walked along the boardwalk (and Baby Ryan slept) Dad and I climbed on some cool old boats outside the Brighton fishing museum.

I had a terrific time on Dad’s birthday! On the way home I asked if we could go back to Brighton sometime. Mom and Dad said something about going to another beach next time and that we’d probably check Brighton off our list…whatever that means.

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