Racing in the UK

This past weekend I raced in my first triathlon since our move to England.  The race was held at the Eton Rowing Club grounds which will host the 2012 Olympic Rowing events.

I went to the race without the family. Heather was busy preparing for a weeklong business trip and we decided it would be difficult to make a family day trip out of this race outing.  When I arrived, I immediately noticed the wind.  You can see in the video clip below that it presented a bit of a challenge for the day. The bike was 4 laps and the run was 2 laps, so you got some good and some bad out there.


The race was well organized. The only interesting thing I wasn’t used to; the waves started every 1/2 hour. They had waves going off from 9AM until 3:30PM.  I guess this was because of the bike course which is a fairly narrow path around the lake. With four laps per wave it could get pretty congested if the waves were closer.  My wave was at 1:30PM, so I had plenty of time to find the venue in the morning 🙂

The race went pretty much as I expected:

The Swim

The swim was too short to really matter; 400m. The wind was in your face on the way out and you had a nice draft on the return. There weren’t any good swimmers in my wave so I was able to come out of the water 7th out of 74.



The Bike


The bike was the as expected, I haven’t been on the road since being in England. I’ve been pulling a Christophe (aside from the fact that he’s twice as fast) and doing all my bike training inside. Below is a picture of the torture chamber set up in the basement of our flat.








The Run

The run went well.  Despite what “Stealth” might tell you about our flat hour long run along the Thames, London actually has quite a few hills.  We don’t have a car in London so I end up pushing the boys in the double jogger everywhere and I think that’s been helping a lot. I get quite a few comments on those runs, especially when I’m pushing them up a steep hill. A few weeks ago one man exclaimed “Now that’s proper exercise” as I was huffing up Primrose Hill.  Last week while summiting Parliament Hill, Heather heard a woman say “That chap is bloody mental”





Below are some stats from my race results site. I held an ever so brief lead out of T1 until getting crushed on the bike.





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