Monthly Archive: July 2011


Don’t worry Mum, it’s just a flesh wound!

Several months ago during a visit to the Tower of London we learned about the gladiator games to be held in July at Guildhall.  Kevin, being really interested in “armour guys” a.k.a. knights, said he wanted to attend. I think the highlights of the day for Kevin were trying on real armour and getting his own fake gladiator wound!!  If he doesn’t look happy below (left) it’s because the helmet was very heavy and I think he’s actually straining to keep his neck straight!   The actual games were very realistic and probably a bit too much for a 4...


I’m not tired

Starting this September, Kevin is going to be entering “reception” which is the England equivalent of kindergarten in the primary education curriculum.  He will have just turned 4 years old when he starts reception and the class will meet Mon-Fri from 8:45AM – 3:30PM! Until very recently he has still been taking a 2 hour nap in the afternoons. It coincides with his brothers nap and provides Dad with a little extra quiet time.  Since there will be no naps for Kevin during the weekdays very soon we decided to make his nap optional as a first step. Instead of...


Sports Day

  While everyone in the U.S. was celebrating Independence Day, Kevin’s pre school class celebrated by hosting “Sports Day” at the Heath.  It seems most schools in the area have a sports day where they go to the local track and have a day of races. The event was well organized by the school; the events kept moving and the kids had plenty of snacks, drinks and entertainment on the infield between races. Below, Kevin gets some water from teach Polly while he’s entertained by one of the parents. He also decided to catch up on a little reading in...