Sports Day


While everyone in the U.S. was celebrating Independence Day, Kevin’s pre school class celebrated by hosting “Sports Day” at the Heath.  It seems most schools in the area have a sports day where they go to the local track and have a day of races.

The event was well organized by the school; the events kept moving and the kids had plenty of snacks, drinks and entertainment on the infield between races. Below, Kevin gets some water from teach Polly while he’s entertained by one of the parents. He also decided to catch up on a little reading in between races.


Kevin’s class ran in 3 different races, the 50 yard dash, the potato race and the relay race.  The 50 yard dash was the first event.

Next up, the potato race. They had to pick up a potato, a bowl and a potato masher as they ran along and take them all across the finish line.

The final event was the relay. It was chaos. Six students lined up on the track and another 6 lined up about 20 yards away facing them. They took turns running and handing the baton back and forth. Kevin was 2nd last to go. Below he’s waiting for the baton and then the action shot of him running his leg of the relay.



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