I’m not tired

Starting this September, Kevin is going to be entering “reception” which is the England equivalent of kindergarten in the primary education curriculum.  He will have just turned 4 years old when he starts reception and the class will meet Mon-Fri from 8:45AM – 3:30PM!

Until very recently he has still been taking a 2 hour nap in the afternoons. It coincides with his brothers nap and provides Dad with a little extra quiet time.  Since there will be no naps for Kevin during the weekdays very soon we decided to make his nap optional as a first step. Instead of napping we gave him the option to play quietly in his room during the nap period.  We made it clear that if he was tired, he could certainly choose to lie down and rest.

Here is how the first day of the new “nap regimen” worked out. He said he wasn’t tired and was going to play in his room. He came out to ask Dad several times how much longer until nap time was over.  When I finally went back to tell him he could come out, I found him like this (below);  winter jacket, winter hat and sweatpants in July. He was snoring in the doorway between his bedroom and the hallway.

Day 2 again he said he wasn’t tired and agreed to play quietly in his room. I checked on him about half way through nap time and he was happily playing with sticker books in his room. When I came back to get him after nap time I found him (below) lying right by the side door using some hand towels as a pillow. At least he didn’t have his winter jacket on today.

Today, he agreed he was tired and crawled into bed for a nap in his pajamas. For some unknown reason he decided that the hallway was more comfortable because here (below) is where I found him when nap time was over.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow to see how the next nap ends!

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