Don’t worry Mum, it’s just a flesh wound!

Several months ago during a visit to the Tower of London we learned about the gladiator games to be held in July at Guildhall.  Kevin, being really interested in “armour guys” a.k.a. knights, said he wanted to attend.

I think the highlights of the day for Kevin were trying on real armour and getting his own fake gladiator wound!!  If he doesn’t look happy below (left) it’s because the helmet was very heavy and I think he’s actually straining to keep his neck straight!


The actual games were very realistic and probably a bit too much for a 4 year old. He had LOTS and LOTS of questions. I just kept reminding him that it was all pretend.  He asked numerous times throughout the games; “Is that guy really hurt?” “Is he OK?”

Below are a few scenes from the actual games:


As I mentioned, the fake wound was the highlight of the day. We got a lot of looks on the Tube on the way back home.  Kevin kept saying “Don’t forget to tell Mom that it’s not real!” …. I wanted him to tell her “Don’t worry Mom, it’s just a flesh wound.”  Here he is getting his new sword wound.

Note the sign in the background “Wounds:  Fake Gladiatorial battle wounds  non-toxic  £1.00”

Heather took Kevin to the grocery store later in the day.  He fell asleep in the stroller (see I’m not tired, I don’t need a nap) with his wounded arm hanging over the side.  Heather got many looks, varying from shocked to concerned to pure ridicule (“You’re a terrible mother for taking your dying son to the grocery store!”). 

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