Monthly Archive: August 2011


Kevin is 4 years old

You didn’t know it, but you turned 4 years old today in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Sorry we tricked you a bit, and made you believe you birthday is a few days later. We just didn’t think we could do your birthday justice while on a trip to a foreign country. The last year has been one of growth (physically, of course, but mentally too) and change. You’ve taken everything in stride with that same even keel quality of your Daddy. Our dear friend Miss Julie says, “That kid is unflappable!” She describes you perfectly. You started the school year returning to...


HMS Belfast

Today we set out to visit Hackney City Farm. (Hackney, by the way, is now known to be the origin of the recent rounds of London riots) When we got to the tube, we learned the tube branch we needed was closed for construction. So, Plan B became a visit St James Park – a park we’ve never been to near Buckingham Palace. Halfway there, we changed plans again, and decided to visit the HMS Belfast – part of the Imperial War Museum. Plan C. We jumped off the tube at Waterloo, caught the Jubilee line to London Bridge, and...


Nous avons eu un grand week-end

Dave and I got away for a whole weekend, to Paris, without children. Our wonderful nanny graciously and bravely spent Friday afternoon through Sunday night at our house, with our two rowdy, dirty, and loveable boys. I’ll get to their weekend in a moment; but now, on to Paris… We took the train from London’s St. Pancras station to Gare de Nord in Paris. The train ride was 2 ½ hours long. There was a very chatty blond student from California who talked non-stop to the British chap seated next to her. She covered her entire life story, which, at...