HMS Belfast

Today we set out to visit Hackney City Farm. (Hackney, by the way, is now known to be the origin of the recent rounds of London riots) When we got to the tube, we learned the tube branch we needed was closed for construction. So, Plan B became a visit St James Park – a park we’ve never been to near Buckingham Palace. Halfway there, we changed plans again, and decided to visit the HMS Belfast – part of the Imperial War Museum. Plan C.

We jumped off the tube at Waterloo, caught the Jubilee line to London Bridge, and walked just 15 minutes to Hay’s Galleria, a beautiful building with shops, restaurants, and an interesting looking boat/water feature. We had a hard time keeping Ryan from jumping into the clear blue water.

Children under 15 are free and tickets for adults weren’t so expensive (compared to other London attractions). We spent about 2 hours roaming the boat and everything exceeded our expectations – funny, since we were originally going to feed ducks and pet sheep at Hackney City Farms.

Kevin and Ryan were like playful puppies on the boat. Kevin turned every switch and pushed every button he could find. He had a serious look at all times, thinking he really was in charge of the boat. Some of the boat “crew” had him salute with a sailor hat on. Ryan just enjoyed climbing on everything. He also got a kick out of the fake crew – they were realistic enough that a 2 and 4 year old took a second look, but fake enough to be creepy. The boat had lots of steep ladders to take you on multiple levels. Kevin did fine on those, but Ryan would get halfway down and sort of leap forward, yelping “hold me!” as he fell. It was touch and go there for a while.

Our entry fees included an audio tour, with numbered spots for information. We were sufficiently distracted by Kevin’s curious questions or Ryan jumping overboard, so, if you want to learn something, you’ll have to ask Ryan. Smile

Not sure if we’ll ever get to Plans A and B, but Plan C was a winner. A usual site for the end of our outings…..

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