Yearly Archive: 2012


Breaking Away (revisited)

A little over 3 months ago I posted about Kevin’s training wheels coming off in this post.  Since that time, Kevin hasn’t spent much time on the bike. We’ve been busy travelling, moving back to California and starting kindergarten. Last week he asked if he could try taking the training wheels off his bike again.  Since that day he has not stopped biking! He asks to bike everywhere. He has bike a mile to school, 2 mile to the pool and many more miles around the block and in our front yard. Below is a little clip of his handling...


You’re a Grand Old Flag

Ryan is back from London and excited about being in the U.S.  Here is his rendition of You’re a Grand Old Flag along with a stern warning about the dangers of candles!


Kevin is 5 years old

  You turned 5 years old last week. I’m a bit late in writing this year’s birthday memoir, but there was a lot going on! Your life turned upside down in the last month – we moved from London to California, you left your friends at Heathside School, and you started Kindergarten. You took it all in stride, as you always do. Your fifth year started with “Reception” – the equivalent of Kindergarten at Heathside School in Hampstead UK. Reception lasted 7 hours, 5 days a week. You were exhausted for the first several months, napping hard on the weekends...