Monthly Archive: January 2012


Regent’s Canal Run

Here is a little map of the run. This entry is a little tour of London from pictures I took on my long Sunday run. The first stop was Sigmund Freud’s home near Swiss Cottage. He lived here the last year of his life after escaping the Nazi occupation of Vienna. He died one year later of cancer.   The next stop was Primrose Hill on the way down to Regent’s Park.  I stopped to snap a picture of the London Fog from the top of Primrose Hill. On my way down the hill I ran into my friend Joyce...


Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

The weather is rotten, although I don’t think that’s what Shakespeare was referring to. Below is the only semi-sunny picture I took the entire weekend and it was as soon as I arrived at my hotel room.  From that point onward it was cold, rainy and snowy for the remainder of my visit. When we first moved to London, Heather and I both made a list of the top 10 places we might like to visit while we were living in Europe. Copenhagen made our list.  Now, we’ve been in London for a year already and we are running out...