Monthly Archive: February 2012


Destination: St. Johns Wood

Yesterday I headed out for another long London exploration run. This time I had a new destination. My job was to pick up the boys at their nanny’s flat in St. Johns Wood. She offered to have them over for a sleep over and  both of them were excited about the “sleepover party”. Here was my route:   The first section of my run was from Hampstead to Highgate, an uphill section I’ve run many times before. The best part of Highgate is actually the rails to trails path that starts there and ends in Finsbury Park. I just happened...


It’s snowing in London

It usually snows in London at most once a year and then only a fraction of an inch. Last night we got 4 inches of wet, snowman making snow!!  Here are a few photos of the fun! The snow started right around dusk. About an hour after the boys went to bed, this is what it looked like on our street. In the morning, this was the view from our front porch. The boys were excited to eat breakfast and head outside. The first stop was our back garden. Ryan still isn’t quite sure he like the white stuff. He...


“No Ryan, you’re ruining it!!”

This is Kevin’s collection of his most valuable Lego and craft creations. He hides all of these creations behind Dad’s coffee pot on the corner of the kitchen counter. It’s an out of the way spot he hope Ryan won’t find.  He hides them there because he is worried (rightfully so) that Ryan is going to break them. Today I pulled them all out. There’s no more room for my coffee pot!!