Destination: St. Johns Wood

Yesterday I headed out for another long London exploration run. This time I had a new destination. My job was to pick up the boys at their nanny’s flat in St. Johns Wood. She offered to have them over for a sleep over and  both of them were excited about the “sleepover party”.

Here was my route:


The first section of my run was from Hampstead to Highgate, an uphill section I’ve run many times before. The best part of Highgate is actually the rails to trails path that starts there and ends in Finsbury Park. I just happened to discover this cool trail on one of my previous long runs.  It’s definitely a great escape from the city and only a few miles from central London.

The map of the Parkland Walk (above)

I’m headed to Finsbury Park. It’s a clear, cold day on the path. (above)

After about 2 1/2 miles on the trail you end up in Finsbury Park. Below are a few pictures of the park. During the summer they have boat rentals on the lake and they have a giant playground. It might be worth a visit later this year.

When I tried figuring out my route I couldn’t find a scenic way to get from Finsbury Park to the next scenic part of my run,  Regent’s Canal. I decided on the shortest route, which appeared to be a road called Caledonian Rd. I had heard of it before but I had never been on it. It’s an interesting yet non descript place, I doubt I’ll make it a regular running route, but here a few of the highlights:

This is a grade listed building, so they can’t tear it down. They spend LOTS of money keeping the front wall up while renovating. This is right next to the Caledonian Rd. Tube Station.

The only other lasting impression of Caledonian Rd. is that they really love their American food!! They obviously love New Jersey fried chicken and Dallas burgers.

Finally after several miles of urban sprawl, I ended up back at Regent’s Canal. This is the first time I’ve seen the canal frozen.

From there it was about 3 more miles until I reached Regents Park and then exited the canal near St. Johns Wood.  As I got to the final turn towards our nanny’s flat I had to stop and take a picture for all those Beatles fan.  This is the intersection on Abbey Road where the Beatles shot their album cover.  There are usually many gawking tourists here trying to recreate the album cover and it really annoys the locals and taxi drivers.

Finally after 12 miles I arrived at our nanny’s house and picked up the boys. They evidently had a great time. Below Kevin is rock climbing on their wall and Ryan is making a fort out of their sofa!