Leeds Castle

With less than 8 weeks left on our awesome London adventure, we are trying hard to pack in as much as possible before our departure. It was a long week, Dave was sick and Heather travelled to Munich. Needless to say, neither of us were excited about a day trip on Saturday morning of Father’s Day weekend.

We rallied and packed the kids in the rental car and did our best to navigate through central London to get to the south bank and then to the green fields of Kent. We made it there in 1 1/2 hours.


The boys were excited to be out of the car and more excited about all the wooded paths and streams to play in. After purchasing tickets to the castle and some duck food for the boys to give to the ducks we were on our way.

We quickly found that the boys were more interested in playing in the beautifully landscaped woods and gardens than the were with the actual castle. We spent most of our morning playing in the stream, finding sticks, fishing oyster shells out of the stream and running down single track paths. You can see much of the fun in the pictures below.



By the time we actually arrived at the castle, Ryan was already exhausted!

He rallied and we took a short 1/2 hour tour of the inside of the castle. He and Kevin were very good inside and we all enjoyed the tour.








After the tour we enjoyed a quick lunch and then headed over to the hedge maze and playground before we started our drive back to London.  Kevin led the way through the maze and we finally found our way to the middle where you can stand on a platform and look down on the maze.

The final stop on our awesome day out was the castle playground. We all agreed it was probably one of the best playgrounds we’ve seen in London. Below, the boys are enjoying the tire swing!

Finally it was time to head back to London. Dave captured a few shots of the castle before we left and then we hopped back in our car. Ryan was asleep before we even left the parking lot! Kevin fell asleep a bit later, but in time to miss the big traffic jam. There was an accident in the tunnel that we planned on going through to cross the Thames and so we had to fight our way along the south bank and navigate home on unfamiliar roads. It took almost 3 hours to get back to our flat. Thankfully the boys slept for the majority of that time.

Despite the traffic on the way home, we had an excellent day out at Leeds Castle and would highly recommend it to anyone passing through Kent.