Yearly Archive: 2013


I can do it myself!!

This past weekend we took the boys with their bikes to a local trail. Ryan still had his training wheels on and Kevin didn’t.  While riding down the trail Ryan decided it would be fun to race a guy running on the trail. Racing side by side, the guy look over at Ryan and said “you look like your ready to take those training wheels off”.  Evidently those words really sunk in. As soon as we returned home, Ryan went directly to the toolbox, pulled out an adjustable wrench and decided to take his training wheels off himself. The next...


Ryan is 4 years old

  You turned 4 years old on September 30, 2013. You are bigger than life – a loud voice, a great giggle, a hungry appetite (you eat everything), a lot of drama, a fair bit of silliness, and an enormous amount of love. Mushy gushy love. You started your fourth year of life with three days per week at Alphabet Soup Preschool. You loved it there; and it loved you back. You grew in every way possible – academically, socially, and, of course physically. Teachers Abby, Sue, Stacey, and Lisa treated you like their own. You still cry thinking about...


Ironman Lake Tahoe

It’s been 8 years since I last did Ironman. Back then I was a single guy and priorities were just a little different.  This year, Ironman Lake Tahoe was a “team LeRoy” effort (pictured below). It was an epic day, surrounded by beautiful scenery, extreme temperatures and high altitude. I soaked in the entire experience and really enjoyed the day, even the painful parts.   The Journey Ironman is as much about the months of preparation as it is about the day. For me it all started a year before the race. I was sitting in our flat in London,...