Happy Campers

Summer is just around the corner so we decided to attempt an evening of tent camping over Memorial Day weekend.  We reserved a campsite at a local campground; Saratoga Springs, only a five minute drive from our home. Our thinking was that if Ryan won’t go to sleep in the tent we can always just pack up and come home to our beds!

We waited until that last minute to pack up all the "stuff" and this is what the car looked like for 18 hours (1 night) of camping.

Earlier in the week Dave pinged a friend who works at the campground and she had a few surprises waiting for us when we checked in.  The boys received a goodie bag containing squirt guns and all the supplies required to make S’mores. In addition, our campsite was moved from the one we had originally reserved to by far the best campsite at the place. It was right by the stream and separated from all the other tent campers.

On arrival, Kevin immediately got wet in the stream. Ryan had to wait for about 15 minutes while he recharged his batteries.


The boys were so excited about the idea of camping in the week leading up to the actual event. It’s safe to say the actual event didn’t disappoint them. They loved all the camping stuff, hiking, playing in the stream, making a fire, finding a banana slug, setting up the tent, cooking dinner on the fire and making S’mores. 

Finally we ended the day by telling stories around the campfire.  Heather thought it would be fun to take turns adding to the story. She started with a perfectly formed campfire story plot. She then said "OK Ryan, your turn".  Ryan’s mind works differently than Mom’s 🙂 By the time he was done it was a whole new story.

The night went very well. The boys were so tired that they fell asleep easily in their new sleeping bags. I’m pretty sure they slept better than Mom and Dad.

We will definitely be camping again! Big fun and a big success.

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