Kevin is 6 years old

Kevin, you turned 6 years old and started 1st grade less than a month ago. Your 5th birthday came amidst massive change – we packed up our home in London, you said goodbye to friends (Olaf, Elexis and Kaijun) and started at Blue Hills Elementary school in California. Over your Kindergarten year, you made several new friends: Alex, Michael and Cade are some of your regular crew.  You took the move and new school in stride and enjoyed being back in our California home. The only sad part of our London adventure is that other than all the pictures and video you will probably not remember any of that terrific experience. Despite that, your Mom and Dad are convinced that it will have a positive lasting effect on you. You were quite the traveller as a 3 and 4 year old in Europe and we’re sure it shaped you in positive ways.

Your sixth year of life was one of physical growth and personality change. You dumped your training wheels the week we moved back to California and within 2 months were ripping it up at the local BMX park with the big boys (see photo above). You have excellent bike handling skills as a 5 year old. You also love to run and run fast. Omar is the only kid in your class faster than you, and you strive to someday beat him. We joined the local Brookside swim club and you and Ryan spent every day swimming and became very comfortable in the water. You took a few lessons on and off and by your 6th birthday you could swim 25yds freestyle breathing on your side!  You love to try new sports and practice incessantly until you feel you’ve mastered it. You attended a few summer camps and seemed to pick up basketball and baseball. You took your first snowboarding lesson, played Saturday soccer with some classmates and competed in your first triathlon where you finished 5th out of 165 in the 6 and under age group!

When you aren’t outside burning off your boy energy, you spent time indoors building elaborate things.  You creatively build with any medium – blocks, Legos, paper, cardboard, and wood. You are unusually adept at following complex instructions to make electric circuits and fancy Lego kits. You want to know how real things work – rockets, airplanes, motors, and electricity. Last year was the year of taking things apart. This year was the year of creating things. 

Towards the middle of the year we had a new nanny for afternoon hours at home and she introduced you to origami.  The two of you found every origami book offered from the library. “Rob’s Origami” is your favorite YouTube channel. You would watch a little, pause, do what he did and then start the video again.  You have created some very complicated and beautiful dragons, boats, flowers, and animals. Along these lines, you signed up for an after school art class in the spring. You enjoyed learning about charcoal, colored pencil, water colors, and paint. I think you learned a lot in that class and came home with some terrific projects including a self-portrait in charcoal (pictured above).

The year wasn’t without challenges. Kindergarten was difficult on many levels, particularly in writing. You had trouble keeping track of your belongings (we lost multiple water bottles, sweatshirts, homework folders, lunches, etc.) and you seemed rather clueless about what was going on. You are still a sensitive kid and cry a lot when you can’t master something immediately, so periods of Kindergarten were quite tough for all of us. You still love to learn, but seemed bored by the Kindergarten curriculum. You’d much rather learn about the effects of baking soda in chemistry than read a fictional story about talking animals. In fact, your favorite bedtime book is the children’s encyclopedia!

All that said, you’re off to a great start as a 6 year old. It is some combination of new teacher, new classmates, new maturity, and new topics, but you have abounding enthusiasm for everything, including school. You’re anxious to read, love digging into math, and have become a good listener in class. Mom asked if you’ve decided to “step up” now that you’re in first grade. Your response: “Yep. Imagine what I’ll be like in second grade!”

You’re on a wonderful trajectory right now, making us very proud. You are a kind, respectful boy with a good heart. You play like a goofball with your brother, you’re determined to master any new physical activity, and you’re passionate about drawing and folding paper. You are exciting to watch and we can hardly wait to see where you’ll head next.

We love you. Go get ‘em.

Mom & Dad

Kevin’s Favorites

Favorite color Blue
Favorite breakfast food Bagels w/cream cheese, butter, cinammon & sugar
Favorite overall food mac n cheese
Favorite movie Madagascar 3
Favorite book Childrens encyclopedia
Favorite toy Snap Circuits
Favorite sport Soccer
Favorite thing from summer vacation Super Duper Looper rollercoaster from HersheyPark.

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