Ryan is 4 years old


You turned 4 years old on September 30, 2013. You are bigger than life – a loud voice, a great giggle, a hungry appetite (you eat everything), a lot of drama, a fair bit of silliness, and an enormous amount of love. Mushy gushy love.

You started your fourth year of life with three days per week at Alphabet Soup Preschool. You loved it there; and it loved you back. You grew in every way possible – academically, socially, and, of course physically. Teachers Abby, Sue, Stacey, and Lisa treated you like their own. You still cry thinking about Alphabet Soup’s closure – the place meant the world to you.

You spent two days per week with Emma, our calm and kind nanny. She took you to library story time every Thursday, when you often (and sometimes inappropriately) interrupted the story. You’ve been on every swing in Santa Clara county and you two sought out your favorites. Emma introduced you art and origami – your favorite creation was an odd-looking green Paper Mâché spider with lots of googly eyes.

You’re a very active boy, in short spurts. We sometimes call you “my strong lazy one.” You’ll sprint to the dinner table, you lift really heavy grocery bags just to prove you can, but walking more than 5 minutes turns you into a whining, tired, toddler. You’ve got the build of a sprinter and defensive linebacker (unlike your string bean brother who will run for miles and miles). You tower over most kids (150% in weight; 110% in height) and appear much older than you really are.

Bravery is your middle name. You’ll try nearly everything. Your brother often makes you go first to see how it’ll turn out. We joined the local swim club and spent an average of 4 days/week swimming in the summer. You are determined to swim good enough to join the swim team next year and be “faster than anyone in the world.” You worked hard. You must have swallowed 8 gallons of chlorinated water over the course of the year. Cody taught you swim lessons (and a lot of choice phrases too) and you were crossing the short length of the pool in no time. You can hardly wait to join the swim team next year. And because of that, Kevin will probably join too.

Academically you are excelling – mainly because your brother “gets to do homework.” You are figuring out simple words, can write the alphabet, and love doing simple math. Thank goodness for ‘Reading Eggs’ and ‘Math Seeds.’ You calmly sit in front of the computer and work on these educational programs for hours. You love to advance to each new level.

You are compassionate and empathetic beyond your years. You see, feel, and remark on things others don’t even think about. If you see a dead squirrel on the side of the road, you ask about its abandoned family members and then you start to tear up. When Daddy crashed on his bike, you didn’t leave his side on the couch, patting his arm every so often, making sure he was okay. Your favorite day of the year is Christmas – not because you get presents, but because “everyone decorates beautiful trees.” You still get very sad when you think of Thomas and Emily (neighbors down the street) moving away. Your greatest gift is your smile and your hugs. They are plentiful, which makes everyone around you delighted and happy. We hope those don’t disappear too soon!

You’re an awfully dramatic kid. Your eyes can tell a whole story the way they widen with delight or sliver when angry. And boy, do you get angry! Red and puffing, you’ll mow down your brother with a strong tackle. You tend to swing wildly from happy to sad. The highs are quite high; the lows aren’t so much fun. As you mature, we’re anxious to moderate you a bit. J

We love you to the moon and back, 1 hundred billion times.

Mom & Dad

Favorite color


Favorite food

Mac n’ cheese

Favorite breakfast food

Eggos with butter, cream cheese, and cinnamon & sugar

Favorite movie


Favorite book

Winnie the Pooh

Favorite toy

Little motorcycles

Favorite sport


Favorite thing to do


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