I can do it myself!!

This past weekend we took the boys with their bikes to a local trail. Ryan still had his training wheels on and Kevin didn’t.  While riding down the trail Ryan decided it would be fun to race a guy running on the trail. Racing side by side, the guy look over at Ryan and said “you look like your ready to take those training wheels off”. 

Evidently those words really sunk in. As soon as we returned home, Ryan went directly to the toolbox, pulled out an adjustable wrench and decided to take his training wheels off himself.

The next thing we heard was Kevin screaming “Oh my gosh, come see Ryan!!!” At first we thought something bad had happened from the tone of Kevin’s voice.  When we went out to the garage, this is what we saw:


Kevin had instructed and helped his little brother get started on the bike. It looks like Ryan really was ready to ditch the training wheels. Go Ryan!

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