A new phase

The boys go through a lot of phases. Sometimes they are very noticeable, other time more subtle. The latest phase is the bike riding phase. They ride several times a day EVERYDAY.

It all started late last year when Ryan took his training wheels off as we wrote about here.  At the same time, the top thing on Kevin’s wish list from Santa was a new bigger bike with gears. As a result, in the new year we have a 4 year old who is feeling the freedom of no training wheels and a 6 year old who now has a “big boy bike” and they both love to ride.

Here is Ryan riding on the BMX park just 2 weeks after getting his training wheels off. He has wanted to ride here with his brother for over a year and is finally “living the dream”.


Kevin is now going on “real” mountain biking trips with his Mom and Dad. Here is Kevin on a recent ride with Dad. I’m holding the iPhone in my hand while trying to keep up with him if you are wondering why there is a little shake to the video Smile  Kevin has really good bike handling skills for his age. He knows how to pump the brakes on the steep down hills and he’s starting to get use to his new gears.


To start out the new year the boys got the chance to take their bikes on the beach in Pismo over the New Years weekend. Ryan still asks when we can ride our bikes on the beach again.

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