Hi, this is Kevin.  My parents seem too busy these days to update our blog so I’m taking it upon myself to keep you informed!

The reason I really wanted to write to you was to tell you about the awesome weekend we had with our cousins. Mom and Dad advertised the weekend as being about the snow, but the best part by far was playing with all our cousins.

Every year we travel a few hours in the car to a family owned cabin in the woods near Dodge Ridge ski resort, at least my parents tell me it’s near Dodge Ridge. In all the times we have visited the cabin, we have never been to Dodge Ridge.

This time it was all about playing with our cousins. We played hide and seek in the cabin, we built really cool forts in the woods, we made a fireplace where we could make S-mores and that was just at the cabin.

On Saturday we went in search for snow. I hear it’s been a really bad year for snow and I guess that’s true because after an hour, we finally found just enough snow to play in and make snow balls. Ryan and Paige made a snow man and Jojo made a cool castle.

By far my favourite part of the weekend was our trip to Longbarn for ice skating.  Here is a short video of me speeding around the skating rink. This was only the second time I had ever been ice skating. I’m hoping we get to go back again soon!

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