April Whirlwind

April was an extremely busy month at our house and I anticipate this may be the normal mode of operation around here for a while. It all started with the sale of our house.  We are relocating a few miles from where we live now for better schools, better neighbourhood and a quieter street. I wish we could just pick up our existing house. Since that’s not possible and we didn’t find exactly what we are looking for we decided to start down the path of building our own home. Stay tuned for future updates on that front.

In between selling our house and finding a new place to live we managed to pack in quite a few other activities.

After a several year hiatus, we decided to restart our Great Race brunch tradition. It was interrupted for several years while we were in London but we wanted to bring it back one more time in the existing home. Next year we will be closer to the finish line and start the tradition all over again!

We had a couple top ten finishes in the annual race from Saratoga to Los Gatos and then adjourned back to our place for great food and great friends.

Starting in April, the boys joined our local swim and racquet club swim team. From the first week we were impressed with their energy and motivation. Now, several weeks into the season the boys have made great progress and are looking forward to the first swim meet in June. Kevin says his favourite stroke is butterfly!! and Ryan likes backstroke.



During April, Kevin and Dad also signed up for a weekend of camping for “Tiger Cubs” (first graders) at a camp in Northern California. Kevin and I spent the entire weekend away from home in Willits CA, home of Sea Biscuit.

During our weekend, Kevin got to experience rowing in a lake, BB Gun shooting, an obstacle course, archery, fishing, a nature talk and crafts. It was a great time and I think he was very excited about scouting after this weekend!.


April is also the time for Mother’s Day concerts at pre-school. Ryan performed with his class some of their favourites for all the Moms in the class. See the clip below, this is the first time Ryan actually sang during one of his concerts!


Finally, during school break, Kevin and Ryan invited their cousin to come along with them to the Oakland Zoo. The boys had a great time together and wish their cousins lived closer so they could play together all the time.

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