Kevin is seven

Kevin, you turned 7 two months ago.  It’s a whirlwind of a time, which explains why this letter is over a month late.

Our family has moved (twice) right as you started second grade at a new school.  There has been a lot of new stuff to take in all at once.  But you’ve given it your best go and you’re really thriving and doing well.  First grade was another rough school year.  You had multiple substitute teachers because your primary teacher (who we loved) left on maternity leave in October.  Some subs were better than others, but the year was choppy and you ran in fits and starts.  You continued to learn deeply things you care about, which was typically not spelling words or writing.  You gravitate toward math and numbers, and legos and building things.

You can show some crazy determination.  You ran yourself silly to complete the Blue Hills Marathon club (running 26 miles over the school year at one lunchtime per week).  You also came into your own playing basketball.  You joined a LG/Saratoga league and had a perfect coach for you.  You started the seasons with clasped hands and staring at the floor.  You ended the season making several baskets and elbowing both boys and girls out of your way.  The league was fantastic for your confidence and you are looking forward to joining again this year.  You ended the year with your first experience on a neighborhood swim team.  You were reluctant to join at first, but Ryan was full steam ahead and you ended up loving it.  You worked hard in practice and saw that pay off as your times got faster.  You also made some great, fun friends that made for an enjoyable summer.

You earned your yellow stripe in Taekwon Do.  We were incredibly proud of your bravery in the belt test.  You had no idea what to expect, but you were thrust into center stage to perform several patterns.   You showed excellent push-up form and managed to ace a number of holds and releases.  Your interest in TKD wasn’t lasting, but it was a good confidence builder for you.

In June, we moved out of our lovely Saratoga home and into a small house in Los Gatos.  It was a stressful time for all of us, but we think it was the right decision.  You missed your room and our fabulous tree swing and Aidan across the street.  But you quickly transitioned to our new street, with more friends to play with.  We joined the neighborhood right before the 4th of July block party and you had a ball with a bunch of kids playing in a firehose.  Nine-year old Beatrix lives two doors down and she’s been your best buddy every day of the summer.  Thank God for Beatrix.  She was the perfect welcoming committee.

We spent a week in Pennsylvania with Dad’s parents.  As usual, the trip to Hershey Park was your favorite.  You become a brave, reckless kid who wanted to go on all the scary roller coasters.  You grabbed field corn from the cornfields and played miniature golf at Mt Gretna just like your Dad did when he was a boy.  You are so relaxed and carefree in the summer – you are a joy to be around.

The school year has started well.  You are incredibly lucky to have one of the best teachers we’ve seen.  She teaches content in a creative way.  She also has 18 boys (and 6 girls) in her class so she keeps you up and moving to keep you interested.  You’re starting to click off chapter books quickly, anxious to get to the next one.  You still gravitate toward math and science, but you’re thriving in all areas.  We have high hopes that school will start to “click” better for you this year.  You’re such a smart, level-headed boy.  But you have a silly tendency to space out, letting the world potentially pass you by.

You’re a sensitive being, quick to cry and easily frustrated if your efforts don’t result in perfection.  But you have a kind heart and are good to others (except, the occasionally warranted punch for your brother).

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