Keystone, CO

We are heading to the top of the mountain for a little tubing action.We ended 2014 and started 2015 in Colorado this year.  Dave was anxious for a break from work and the boys were anxious to play in the snow!  We did a little research and decided on Keystone Ski Resort about 90 miles west of Denver.  It advertised itself as very kid friendly and we weren’t disappointed. There was plenty of snow, the boys both skied, ice skated and tubed down the mountains.

Here are a few photos of our ice skating and tubing outings. The first day of tubing we went to the top of the mountain for some fairly extreme tubing. That was a bit much for Ryan so a few days later we found a much more kid friendly tubing destination and he had a blast. Kevin loved ice skating on a big frozen lake. He didn’t want to stop.

The boys also took 2 days of ski and snowboard lessons. Ryan took 2 days of skiing, Kevin tried both snowboard and skiing and decided he like skiing better. Either way, they both had a great time in their all day lessons and Mom and Dad got time to go do their own skiing and snowboarding while the boys were in lessons.

Below is a view of the ski village where we stayed. We had a condo with our own kitchen and it was very convenient to everything. We may be back again someday. This place was great!

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