Pinewood Derby

Kevin, 2nd fastest car in the pack in the pinewood derby

This is Kevin’s 2nd year of racing pinewood derby cars in cub scouts. Last year he impressed the judges when asked what was special about his car and he said “it’s really aerodynamic” Last year we didn’t really know what we were doing but Kevin observed carefully the cars that did well. He studied the 1st place car for a long time and this year when it was time to build a car he remembered exactly what that car looked like and built a replica.

Kevin’s is the blue, wedge shaped car on the left.

Above Kevin and Ryan watching the races (left) and Kevin anxiously awaiting the results. (right)

The best part of the evening was that after the races were run, the results board showed Kevin tied for 2nd out of 43 cars.  We were very surprised when the scoutmaster announced over the microphone….”and the trophy for the fastest car in the pack goes to Kevin LeRoy”. Kevin was awarded the trophy and was all smiles! We were a bit confused and so were the parents of the boy who had the fastest time. After a short consultation, the cub master came back on the microphone and announced the error. He said that those that had received trophies could keep them and that they were ordering another trophy for the true 1st place winner. Heather and I told Kevin the right thing to do would be to give his trophy to the real winner. He didn’t complain or hesitate and turned and gave his trophy to the other boy. We’re convinced that was the best lesson of the evening.

So we are now off to districts as one of the top 2 cars in the pack. Next year Ryan will be old enough to be in cub scouts and he has already told me he wants to use a 3d printer to make his car for the pinewood derby next year 🙂