Home Construction Week 1 Summary

The destruction begins!

Finally after buying this house in April 2014 and starting to design plans for a new house in May 2014 we got underway with construction this week. Ignoring all the steps in planning, permits, general contractor selection here is the summary of what happened this week. My hope is to document the process every week along the way so we can look back at what went right and what didn’t.

The “long pole” leading up to this weeks demolition was getting PG&E to come out and cap our gas line in the middle of the street so that the demo crew would not cause a gas leak. That had a 6 week lead time.

Once that was done, the demo permit was collected and we were scheduled for demolition. Monday morning was a holiday for both the boys and Dad (MLK day) and so everyone was on hand to watch the fun. The crew started at 8AM and by 8:30 the house was down. You can see a time lapse video of the first 2 days of demolition activity thanks to a Brinno time lapse camera mounted on our neighbors roof.

After the initial demolition the next two days involved loading up all the material and hauling it away. Wednesday was spent digging up a previously filled in swimming pool to understand the impact on the foundation of the new house. The decision was made to pull out the old pool, let the dirt dry and then refill.  This was in part due to the inspection by a soil inspector who came out to take a look at the pool area.

By the end of the week the lot had been fairly well cleaned up and this coming week we will be filling in the pool and starting on the foundation. Hopefully things keep moving along like they did this week.

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