Home Construction Week 2 Summary

Drilling the pier holes.Week 2 was a mix of some good news and some bad news. At least that’s how Heather summarized it for me.  The “soil guy” came out to say that the pool area looked fine and we were given the OK to fill the pool back in and compact the entire lot.  That was the good news. The soil guy has a great job, he comes out to the job site for 5 minutes and gives his OK to proceed and then collects a check for $300 for his hour of service including transportation time!

Once the lot was compacted everything seemed on schedule and we were ready to start drilling holes for the piers for our foundation. That actually got underway but at the same time Heather was in a battle with the San Jose Roads and Airports department. Evidently the last thing standing in our way to get a building permit signed was approval from the roads and airports department who are in charge of giving an encroachment permit.  We don’t actually need to do any work for another 6 months in the encroachment area (near the street) but nevertheless they said it would be 4-6 weeks until they can review our plans and they are gating our final building permit.  What really had Heather about to explode last week was that she went to the Roads and Airports department 3 months ago with all the paperwork and she was told she was too early and they wouldn’t look at it until closer to the construction date 🙂

So now we have a portion of the foundation holes dug but are on hold until we see when the permit will be completed.

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