Home Construction Week 3 Summary


“The good, the bad and the wet”

 The good

You can see from the picture above that drilling continued this week for the foundation. By the end of the week they had completed drilling of all the holes and digging the perimeter. There are lots of boards covering the foundation holes so Kevin and Ryan don’t fall in a 10 foot hole!

 The bad

Heather continued her fights with the city on the final hoops to jump through to get our building permit. Very soon the schedule will be impacted. We will need our first inspection when they start to pour concrete and without the permit we can’t get the inspection.

We’ve learned a lot about dealing with the city during this project. Heather could probably write a book on how to get things pushed through the system, but rule #1 appears to be; Never assume your project is being looked at or forwarded on to the next office unless you prod them at least a 1/2 dozen times.  Rule #2 is;  the permit rules are always evolving.  We evidently are the first house to be subject to a new rule whereby your building permit can’t be issued until the roads and airports gives you an encroachment permit. Previously this didn’t gate the building permit because typically you don’t do any work in the encroachment area until towards the end of construction. So now we are “in the 30 day queue” to have our project evaluated by the encroachment experts 🙂

The wet

When the digging started there was no sign of rain in the forecast.  There hadn’t been any rain all of January.  Now of course just as we finish drilling and are ready to pour, we are getting a big storm in the area. Of course because of the above permit issue we were on hold anyway.  Below is a picture of one of the 10 foot foundation holes filled to the top with rain water!

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