Home Construction Week 4 Summary

Not much to report this week. After a week of heavy rains, the lot and the holes are slowly drying out.  While everything dries out, Heather has continued her battle with the county to get our permit situation resolved. After many phone calls and visits to the roads and airports office we finally have an encroachment permit! Of course once the permit was received the roads and airports department said our plans would have to be “resubmitted” so that all 8 building departments could review, including the roads and airports department WHO JUST GAVE US THE PERMIT! Ahh, bureaucracy.

In a separate battle, Heather has been fighting over our  “Green Points” rating.  Our architect who is a certified green rater gave us 80 points. We need 70 to be approved.  Our designated green points appointee says we only have 62 and a letter from the county says we only have 50. Hmmm. I’m sure this will be fun to resolve.

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