Home Construction Week 6 Summary


Week 6 was exciting around the house!  With our newly obtained (and fought for) permit, the foundation was in full swing this week.  Because of our crummy soil, the soils and structural engineers called for 91 “piers” — 10 feet-deep holes as the basis for the foundation.  Those were drilled a while back, in anticipation of getting a permit, then they filled up with rain.  The crew dug out the muck this week, slipped in the rebar cages, and filled them with cement (from 6 cement trucks).  You can see the tops of the rebar cages sticking out of the ground — those pieces of rebar will be bent horizontal and will become part of the perimeter/wall foundation.

Schedule and costs:  we’ve slipped our schedule about two weeks so far – due to lack of a permit and the trouble the heavy rain caused.  The rain also made all the holes slightly bigger and deeper, which called for a couple extra cement trucks.  I haven’t seen the bill for that yet!

Mood:  immense relief that we are finally getting going!  A bit disappointed in the silly delays about the permit.

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