Home Construction Week 7 Summary



We’re moving along and the house is really taking shape!  We can now stand in any area of the lot and know exactly what room we’re in.  The foundation footing forms were built this week (the horizontal planks held up by 2×2 supports).  These are temporary forms which, once filled with cement, will be removed and used for other construction jobs.  The three “smoke stacks” will be put into the ground where three of our 10′ piers collapsed into one massive hole in the January rain storm.  We had 4.5 truckloads of cement to fill the piers last week and 4 cement trucks this coming week.  Should be solid!

Schedule and costs:  Our two-week slip turned into just 5 days.  Our general contractor just expects our framer to work faster and make up the difference.  The costs of all this extra cement is mind-boggling.

Mood:  Very excited at the great progress, but scared of the out-of-control change order costs thus far.  I’m told it will get better!


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