Monthly Archive: April 2015


Home Construction Week 14 Summary

  Last weekend, I reported being stuck on the stupid stairway.  It got worse before it got better.  The two massive 18″ tall beams in the foreground of the above picture are a result of fixing stairway problem.  We wanted an open stairway (no wall, no post), but the design was not structured that way.  After plenty of muttered name-calling and cussing, we finally ended up with a fairly great compromise — we have a partial wall, and the rest is open.  These 18″ beams, however, stick up through the second story.  But our contractor came up with an idea to...


Home Construction Week 13 Summary

  The first floor is nearly framed, and this is what it looks like from the neighbor’s roof.  It is coming together nicely.  Well, mostly.  The damn stairway that I mentioned last week has become a huge problem.  There was some kind of oversight between our architect and our structural engineer.  A full wall was built into the structural plan and the architect built an option stairway (which is what we want).  The structural guy did multiple revisions (some for free, one for a fee) to get an open stairway and none of them work.  We are starting from scratch with the...


Home Construction Week 12 Summary

Aside from the week we finally obtained our building permit, this has been the most exciting week yet!  We went vertical this week!  They built all the walls horizontal and then crews of men (it took 14 guys to put up the longest external wall) raised the walls vertical.  Our exterior walls all have 2x6s, and thus huge heavy headers, making these walls beasts to hoist up. The framers use the structural design and we know our architectural plan.  We’ve found a few missing connections between the two.  Some easy to fix;  others not so.  We had planned for an open stairway in the family...