Home Construction Week 12 Summary


Aside from the week we finally obtained our building permit, this has been the most exciting week yet!  We went vertical this week!  They built all the walls horizontal and then crews of men (it took 14 guys to put up the longest external wall) raised the walls vertical.  Our exterior walls all have 2x6s, and thus huge heavy headers, making these walls beasts to hoist up.

The framers use the structural design and we know our architectural plan.  We’ve found a few missing connections between the two.  Some easy to fix;  others not so.  We had planned for an open stairway in the family room and the structural engineer designed a fully closed off wall.  Changing that may be expensive and require re-work.  We have to sort that out next week.

Schedule and cost:  still slightly ahead of schedule and no change orders!

Mood:  fabulous!