Home Construction Week 13 Summary


The first floor is nearly framed, and this is what it looks like from the neighbor’s roof.  It is coming together nicely.  Well, mostly.  The damn stairway that I mentioned last week has become a huge problem.  There was some kind of oversight between our architect and our structural engineer.  A full wall was built into the structural plan and the architect built an option stairway (which is what we want).  The structural guy did multiple revisions (some for free, one for a fee) to get an open stairway and none of them work.  We are starting from scratch with the architect tomorrow to see what we can do.  At this point, the framing crew isn’t blocked, but it won’t be long.  We’re hoping for a cheap change order, but once we start talking steel beams or 18″ beams, it gets pricey, quick!  Other than that….

Schedule and costs:  On time.  Costs for this stupid stairway:  TBD.

Mood:  A bit frustrated that we’ve spent a week going in circles about a stairway wall.  But the house has taken shape and we’re really happy with the results so far!