Home Construction Week 14 Summary


Last weekend, I reported being stuck on the stupid stairway.  It got worse before it got better.  The two massive 18″ tall beams in the foreground of the above picture are a result of fixing stairway problem.  We wanted an open stairway (no wall, no post), but the design was not structured that way.  After plenty of muttered name-calling and cussing, we finally ended up with a fairly great compromise — we have a partial wall, and the rest is open.  These 18″ beams, however, stick up through the second story.  But our contractor came up with an idea to build a small wall upstairs to make it look like it wasn’t an accident.  All is now solved, after a relatively small change order and some re-doing of work.

Otherwise than that, the crew is making amazing fast progress.  The stairway is built and they are beginning to put the sub-floor on the 2nd story.  Of course the boys had to go up there today, which was nerve wracking because there were a million places to fall off.

We are also knee deep in exterior color selection.  There is nothing Dave likes better than picking a single color between a plethora of tans, creams, and whites that all look about the same!

Schedule and costs:  Small change order for the stairs, but I don’t believe significant time was lost in the process.

Mood:  Glad to be done with the stupid stairs.