Home Construction Week 15 Summary


Things just keep getting more exciting around the construction site!  This week, the 2nd story was framed.  The stairway fiasco is behind us and we’ve had no new problems crop up (yet).  This picture shows the second story “great room” with the chaotic 2×4 supports to make everything plumb and square before the roof is installed.  The great room is shaped like a big plus sign, with a balcony off one end.  Everybody in the family gets to pick an end.  Dave plans on a pool table, I plan on a sewing corner, the boys will fill their corners with legos and art supplies and everything else they love.  The balcony has afternoon shade and a nice view of the Los Gatos Mountains – a surely relaxing and hot spot for all of us.

We’ll have our first meeting with the electrician this week.  The roof has been ordered.  Not sure what happens next week!

Schedule and costs:  Framing is a 45-day long activity, so hard to tell where we are.  I think we’re on schedule.  No one has told me otherwise!

Mood:  Great!