Home Construction Week 16 Summary

Our house continues to take shape.  Dave took an iPhone panorama shot from the front of the house.  The roof rafters are all up and you can see the roof plywood all stacked up on the ground in front.  All the plywood exterior walls are up.  The shower pans are all framed in.  Ryan is now aware he has a special door to the secret place under the stairs (!).  Next week, the roof plywood goes on and then another inspection before the papering starts.

The kids went to a movie night at the pool on Friday and I’m just a couple days post-sinus surgery, so we brought dinner and lawn chairs and ate a meal on the 2nd story back balcony.  We have an outstanding view of the Los Gatos Mountains.  It just might become our favorite place to hang out!

Schedule and costs:  We continue to remain a few days ahead of schedule!  No change orders or issues this week!

Mood:  Still havin’ so much fun!