Home Construction Week 17 Summary


Ryan joined the crew this week!

Things are clipping right along.  California’s lack of rain is unfortunately a bonus for us, as we continue to make good progress.  The roof plywood, eves, eve vents, and gable trim all went up last week.  it really looks like a house!  On Tuesday we’ll have the pre-papering inspection.  Then the roof shingles and windows/exterior doors get installed after the house and roof gets all wrapped up in paper like a big present.

The roof lines for our 2nd story balcony created a waterproofing nightmare, so we’ve finally come to a good solution on what to do there.  We’ll have a 48″ wall on the sides of the balcony, running out 3 feet away from the house.  Then the wall will drop down to 31″ and a railing will be installed on top, making it feel a bit more open.  This solves a bunch of problems — having a close-up view of our roof, waterproof issues, peering down into our neighbor’s back patio, etc.  I love solving problems when the outcomes are good.

Schedule and costs:  We remain on schedule (maybe a wee bit ahead) and another week of no change orders!  Yay!

Mood:  Still in the groove…