Home Construction Week 18 Summary


The house got wrapped up like a big fat birthday present, just in time for my 42nd birthday.  A big chunk of roof was installed Friday.  The gutters are done.  The skylight is done.  A few windows got installed.  The crew is creating the template for a long barreled ceiling in the entry way hall.  The 2nd story balcony wall is up.  We did a walk-through with the electrician noting the location of every switch, outlet, and light fixture (talk about an overload of decisions to make!).

The challenge for this week is to find locations for cold air return ducts.  No matter where we put them, we end up with ugly soffits in random and unwelcome places.

Schedule and costs:  We are essentially right on schedule, though windows started a few days early!

Mood:  We are getting used to everything going so well.  Jinx!