Home Construction Week 19 Summary


This is a picture of our entry hallway, from the front door.  We’re pretty excited about this hallway.  So much so, that we may eat in this hallway and spend all our time in this hallway.  It has a barreled ceiling.  We’re anxious to see how the sheetrock is applied — sometimes they spray water on sheetrock and curve it over time.  Sometimes they use 1/4″ sheetrock and bend it.

Otherwise, it’s been another exciting week.  The roof is completely done and all the windows are in (except a 12′ slider upstairs).  The HVAC crew came back and ran all the ducting for upstairs.  But most exciting of all was our first meeting with Billy the cabinet guy.  He measured all the spaces and looked at all my drawings.  He’ll come up with a plan then we’ll iterate.  The cabinets are the highlight of it all, for me anyway.

Electrical starts next week.

Schedule and costs:  We are mostly on time, slightly ahead of schedule for some areas.

Mood:  This is getting to be old hat.