Monthly Archive: June 2015


Home Construction Week 23 Summary

  Miles and miles of orange pipe!  The fire sprinklers have been installed, and they are *everywhere*!  Every bedroom, bathroom, multiple sprinklers in some bigger rooms, even our beautiful entry hallway has 3 sprinklers in it.  Right now, they have bright red caps showing, but I’m told it’ll look better at some point. In the lower picture, you can see the air return duct for our furnace.  It is snaking through the “man cave” (hidden room under the stairs), through the hall coat closet, and through Ryan’s bedroom closet.  That thing is huge and essentially ruins all three rooms.  We...


Home Construction Week 22 Summary

    Things continue to go so well, we are waiting for a shoe to drop.  The electricians have been very busy this week.  The first floor is nearly wired for electrical, lights, and switches.  We’ve thrown in a RadioRa curve ball into the electrical mix.  We are hiding 3 light switches in a hall closet and installing 3 master-6-button switches to control several lights and “scenes.”  I hope this won’t be more annoying than it is helpful.  Our low voltage guy just dropped a load of materials off and Dave is drooling at the sight of miles of 550 MHz...


Home Construction Week 21 Summary

  Hardie planks are going on!  These pictures show the siding, the windows, a door, and a corbel (the knee brace holding up the eve).  Installing planks is a very labor-intensive process.  Each one is cut to a precision length (allowing a 1/8″ gap on all ends to be filled with caulking) and 7″ of horizontal “reveal” is shown between each plank. We’ve made a thousand decisions already and we made about thousand more just this week.  We had our final electrical walk-through, choosing the location of every light fixture, power receptacle, and light switch.  Dave’s only rule was:  make...