Home Construction Week 20 Summary


Traditional Craftsman trim is flat, wide, and plain.  We’ve got miles of it.  We potentially have more trim than siding!  That’s what the crew was doing this week.  In addition, the electrician started this week, getting some of the wiring run for ceiling cans.  The plumber installed the ‘rough plumbing’ for the showers and toilets this week too.

The crew has a new rule regarding the roof.  The tar on a typical Presidential roof takes several months to properly set.  In the meantime, the crew is not allowed to walk on the roof once the day heats up because the shingles just “squish” around and get deformed.  This will make it inconvenient to put on the upper story siding and trim since it needs to be done in small batches in the morning.

Schedule and costs:  Remain on schedule and no change orders this week!

Mood:  I think this is the part where things seem to slow down.  The framing goes lightening fast and we all think we should be able to move in shortly!  But we still have another 6 months.  That’s a loooong time.