Home Construction Week 21 Summary


Hardie planks are going on!  These pictures show the siding, the windows, a door, and a corbel (the knee brace holding up the eve).  Installing planks is a very labor-intensive process.  Each one is cut to a precision length (allowing a 1/8″ gap on all ends to be filled with caulking) and 7″ of horizontal “reveal” is shown between each plank.

We’ve made a thousand decisions already and we made about thousand more just this week.  We had our final electrical walk-through, choosing the location of every light fixture, power receptacle, and light switch.  Dave’s only rule was:  make the light switches obvious — the switch should be near the light it controls.  My only rule was:  don’t allow more than 3 light switches on one box.  No one is going to learn the difference between all those.  I think we succeeded in both.

Schedule and costs:  STILL on time (imagine that!  6 months in and we haven’t slipped yet).  We do have a change order coming.  I want Lutron Silk outlets and covers so they blend in with the kitchen and master bath backsplashes.  Go figure, they cost more.

Mood:  This was an exciting week for me.  We have cabinet drawings from our cabinet maker!!  This is the part I think I care the most about.  We get to take a trip to his shop in Watsonville next week.  I can hardly wait.