Home Construction Week 22 Summary



Things continue to go so well, we are waiting for a shoe to drop.  The electricians have been very busy this week.  The first floor is nearly wired for electrical, lights, and switches.  We’ve thrown in a RadioRa curve ball into the electrical mix.  We are hiding 3 light switches in a hall closet and installing 3 master-6-button switches to control several lights and “scenes.”  I hope this won’t be more annoying than it is helpful.  Our low voltage guy just dropped a load of materials off and Dave is drooling at the sight of miles of 550 MHz Cat-6 cable.

The carpenters are still plugging away at the outside too.  The horizontal panel siding is nearly done and they’ve moved on to shingles in the gables.  Board and batten will be last, which will be installed around the dormers on the second story.  Most of the gables have their corbels up too, which give the house a nice finished look!

Schedule and cost:  Still (can you imagine!?) on schedule.  RadioRA change orders this week.  At $125 per light switch, this oughta add up!

Mood:  Still excited!