Home Construction Week 23 Summary


Miles and miles of orange pipe!  The fire sprinklers have been installed, and they are *everywhere*!  Every bedroom, bathroom, multiple sprinklers in some bigger rooms, even our beautiful entry hallway has 3 sprinklers in it.  Right now, they have bright red caps showing, but I’m told it’ll look better at some point.

In the lower picture, you can see the air return duct for our furnace.  It is snaking through the “man cave” (hidden room under the stairs), through the hall coat closet, and through Ryan’s bedroom closet.  That thing is huge and essentially ruins all three rooms.  We hope this can find a new home because we don’t like it much.

We have final cabinet drawings, the shower door guy came and measured everything, the interior door guy measured everything, and the framers are wrapping up all the trim on the outside.  They can’t install the board and batten on the upper floor because it has been too hot to walk on the roof (it melts and gets deformed when walked on).

Schedule and cost:  All still good.

Mood:  I’m a bit stressed over lighting.  Light fixtures are insanely expensive and our original budget is clearly off the mark.  I’m watching some fixtures on eBay and looking for sales, but we just have such a large quantity of fixtures to buy, the total is large no matter what.