Home Construction Week 24 Summary


The electrical team is nearly done with rough electrical.  Plumbing is done with rough plumbing.  The network guy is almost done with CAT6, speaker, phone, etc. cables.  We had a fire sprinkler inspection today that went fine.  Insulation happens later this week.

The first picture shows the ceiling of our second story.  Once again, the structural plans didn’t match the architectural plans and we ended up with this strange 18″ beam jutting into the middle of nowhere.  Some creative thinking and a bunch more wood gets us a ceiling line that looks decent, interesting, and best of all, intentional.  We’ve learned this lesson a few times already — the architect and structural engineer should really work for the same company.  Or perhaps Siamese twins could work too.

I’ve spent several blurry-eyed weeks looking at lighting.  We have 46 fixtures to pick out.  I think that may be more decisions than Dave has made in a lifetime.  I just got a great deal on a dining room chandelier on eBay.  Let’s hope it wasn’t a scam.

I’ve also finalized all the tile for the laundry and every bathroom.  Another 46 decisions to make.  I’ll be ordering it all this week.  Exciting stuff!

Schedule and costs:  On time and any change orders incurred are our own damn fault.  🙂

Mood:  Excited for insulation.  Then another inspection.  Then sheetrock, baby!