Home Construction Week 25 Summary


This week was rough.  Rough plumbing, rough electrical, rough HVAC, and rough fire sprinklers were all completed.  It was also a bit rough because we failed our inspection on a few bits of all that rough stuff.  The HVAC guy didn’t follow guidelines and didn’t put the right size vents in.  Nothing major, but it sets us back a few days.

This picture is one of the last we’ll have where we can see “through” the house.  Insulation scheduled for Tuesday through Thursday, then another inspection, then sheetrock.

Mood:  Slightly disappointed by the delay, but there’s a lot of parts that have come together this week.

Schedule and costs:  We are now 8 days behind schedule, partly because of the inspection and partly because our electrician took 4 days longer than plan.  Our GC is working up ways to get back on track.